Wednesday, June 11, 2008



I opened my box of Mini Wheats this morning to find my glowing Indiana Jones cereal spoon in it. It rocks. It lights up...and there's a greenish skull on the spoon. That glows. Green. Whenever I want it to. It makes the milk look slightly green...which sounds gross, but really is rather neato.
Yes, pictures *will* follow. For some reason I am enthralled by it...if I were a little kid I do believe I would have been so excited that I would have peed just a little bit the first time I made it light up...that is how cool it is.

And yes I did say "Spoooon!' like the Tick before having my breakfast.
And yes the cereal did taste better.

Stop laughing.
And no you can't share have to get your own...


'Shot said...

You, dear lady, are my hero! (heroine?)

diddums said...

We're more likely to find a stuffed Monster in our cereal.


I did get a plasticy orange spoon in my cereal once, quite heavy, with a head as the handle.

Magnus said...

Ha! I'm using it right now...

Geosomin said...

Hmm...I see I'll need to set up some sort of rolling boulder protection in the kitchen.
Hands off me spoon mate!


I KNEW this went along with your comment on my wooden spoon blog post and I got all excited because......we are the proud owners of THREE of those spoons.

Two Green, One Orange-ish

I bought a box of Cocoa Krispies for my kids as a treat and then the younger two started fighting over the spoon so I had to buy another two boxes. One more for them and a secret one for me to stash away from their prying eyes and hands. :)