I love the smell of biru in the morning...smells like victory!

(Sing with me to the tune of "I am Evil Homer")

I'm the queen of biru!
I'm the queen of biru!

Yes - finally the strawberry nectar that I've been brewing for the last while has been bottled. Last night I did the final racking off leaving the scunge behind and with the help of my biru minions (aka J and Magnus) it was primed and bottled.
I now have 37 500 mL bottles of beer. Squeeee!
I did lose about 2 litres during the brewing from the crazy yeast blowoff and about 1.5 each time I racked due to all the strawberry sludgy stuff I had to leave behind. Then there was the bottle or two worth I spilled down the front of myself trying to lift the pail full of beer up onto the kitchen counter by myself before bottling... (he heh - I smelled grrrrrrrrrrrreat!). In the end, I was left with a nicely cleared, pleasantly red coloured beer. There was part of a bottle left at the end and we shared the warm, uncarbonated dregs between us as a bit of a taste test - not too bad if I do say so. It is a mild flavour, but good. A few weeks of aging should carbonate it up and fill out the flavour a bit.
I can't wait to try some...
Now I have to finish up the labels...and then get geared up for my plan for my week off next week - paint my whole living room and hallway, ceiling and all. But, when I'm done THAT I can celebrate with a glass of my very own brew.

The White Minstrel brewery has successfully bottled their first batch! :)


'Shot said…
Great, now I'll have THAT song going thru my head all day!

Congrats on your successful alcoholic beverage making. Please post pics of the final, labeled product.
the Bag Lady said…
Terrific! Can't wait to see photos. And, um, gee....I seem to have lost your address...can you give me directions to your house? No hurry, right before the beer is ready will be fine!! :)
Magnus said…
I still think "Strawbeery" is a great name for the beer.
Geosomin said…
Still hankering for a name...that's in the short list.
FirstNations said…
'Ted' is a good name.
Very Kewl!

Bet it's full of antioxidants too. I'm with Bag Lady... may be dropping for a taste test.
'Shot said…
Might I suggest: Rimshot's Rock n Roll Brew (now with more berry goodness!)
the Bag Lady said…
Strawbeery gets my vote.

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