Monday, June 09, 2008

Beer on the brain

Well...Ze foaming has finally calmed down as of this morning- no more explosive bursts of foam out the sides of the tub under the lid or through the's odd the reduction...the krausen is down below the top of the pail now. At least I don't have to watch for explosions anymore, and don't need to keep rinsing seeds out of the blowoff tube :) Another day or so and I think I can rack it to the carbuoy. I feel as though I should take the lid off to wash all the crud and seeds from around the rim of it, but I don't know if mucking with it would give more chance of contamination that just leaving it alone for another day...being a labrat with crazy sterilization training for bacterial and cell culture work, it seems so...crude.

Hope it tastes good...:)


the Bag Lady said...

Sheesh - can't leave you alone for a weekend and you're trying to blow the place up! :)
Strawberry beer sounds fabulous - and should go particularly well with bread and pizza cooked in the outdoor oven. When shall I expect you?

grapecat said...

did you meddle?

And any chance of sharing your recipe? We've been making wine now for awhile, just in gallon jugs (fruit mostly - elderberry, blackberry, rosehip, cranberry, onion, and now elderflower) and beer too - but the beer just from kits. I'd be curious to try from scratch. So far my brewing conclusions are along the lines that it is ridiculously easy - not alot of pain for some pretty substantive gain.

What do you think?

grapecat said...

oh yeah - ginger wine too. yum. Make mine a whiskey mac scotty

Geosomin said...

It's not very hard at all...jsut more of the problem of a beery smellin hosue for a few days...