Sunday, June 08, 2008

It's alive! ALIVE!

Well...the beer is DEFINITELY brewing.
It's so krauseny it's freaking me out actually.
They said if you add fruit to the beer it really foams...well it's true. It's foaming like nothing I've ever seen before. It's in a brewing pail with about 5 inches clearance, but it's actually bubbling over the top, so I put on a brewing lid, with a stopper and small tube that feeds into a bucket...and it's bubbing awayvigorously. I've never grown yeast this well even in the lab! It's bubbling out the sides occasionally too, but I can't just let it bubble all over the place or it'll be contaminated. This way it's relatively contained and it won't blow up, as it has ways to vent. I keep checking the hose occasionally to make sure it's not gummed up with seeds...I'm thinking this was not quite the way to do it. Next time I'll try adding the fruit *after* racking...less messy. It keeps foaming out the top when I rinse the worries about the yeast taking this time :)
The top floor of the house smells like fruity beer and bleach...not so great, but it should die down in a few days and then I can rack it into the carbuoy. We're relaxing to the sounds of's odd.
I just did my 5 K fun run today, and after a victory breakfast at my favorite local diner (taters....) I must go be a bit domestic. My friend Magnus of The Shining Path is moving here today...he's going to go to the University in the fall and is staying with us until he finds a place. It'll be good to see him. I should go make the place a bit less beery and tidy for when he gets here...


Magnus said...

The place truly smells of beery goodness. To think I am actually commenting from the computer Geo blogs from...