Friday, June 13, 2008

Freestylers are playing at my house

Last night the Freestylers were spinning at a club downtown. Yes...the Freestylers were here. In toontown. Go figure?
I have no idea why they'd come by our neck of the woods on a thursday night...but I was glad they did. There was some fine breaks music played and as a bonus, the sound system had been set up and run by pK Sound...who are the kings of solid, bass driven sound for live venues. Imagine music with bass so loud that your drink gently bounces across the table (which it did) and yet your ears do not hurt or ring and everything is crystal clear. 8 bass cabinets...oh yes. And no noise issues...just very good, very loud sound to shake your bottom to.
Which I did.

The downside is I had to go to work today...and I'm really tired now. I don't go out on worknights as a general rule, but the Freestylers won't probably be back here...well...ever really, so it had to be done, despite how bagged I feel at the moment.
Luckily Magnus made chicken cordon bleu with asparagus, potatoes and fiddle heads for us supper before, so I had energy to burn (I love having guests who will cook for me :) ). I've never had homemade chicken cordon bleu was truly outstanding. And now I can make it for myself too as I've been harvesting Magnus's brain and stealing his cooking skills. Soon all his knowledge will be mine...bwaha!
Good day really.
Now I must recharge with caffeine and get through this day and head home to napping, possibly barbecuing and some Galactica.
Ah. stimulants. My new chemical friends...


the Bag Lady said...

Hey, when you're done with Magnus, send him here! The Bag Lady could use a vacation from cooking, and she LOVES chicken cordon bleu!!!!!

Magnus said...

After she's harvested my brain, I won't be able to cook anymore.