Berry Brewin' I write this I am making strawberry beer.
I've been trying to for ages and the combination of laziness and life have kept me from it. I've had the stuff to do it for ages, and today and finally getting to it. I have 4 L pureed frozen strawberries (5 500g bags) that I'm adding to the boiled wort, to pasteurize them, along with some pectic enzyme and the yeast...and hope to have a nice light lager with a strawberry flavour very soon. Currently the house smells like berries.
In a week I'll rack it and hopefully in no more than 10 more days bottle the red tasty goodness. Then I must be patient...hopefully in July sometime there will be a tasting...gotta get back to the brewing in the


'Shot said…
Madness. MAAAAADNESSSS I say! (but ya gotta imagine it said in a theatery voice and overly dramatic)

What the world needs is Butter-Toffee beer or Creme Brulee beer.

Although I'm anxious to follow this and find out how the berry beer turns out for ya.

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