Monday, June 02, 2008

I like wagon fruit

We grabbed a dragon fruit this weekend for a family barbecue. It looked like something fun to try, along with some Guinness cheddar (which was heavenly) and watermelon while we waited for the barbecued beast to be done.
Man they're yummy...odd flavour. Like a kiwi and a pear mixed together. The family all tried it tentatively and thought it was OK...J and I loved them so I think they'll be a regular in-season nibble at our place.
It's a bonus that they look like some sort of crazy space you'd get on an off planet expedition.
They've been renamed though - our niece declared she loved "wagon fruit"...and it stuck in my head that way.

Crazy space fruit for everyone :)


Rimshot said...

I HAVE to try some Wagon Fruit.

tell us more of these off planet expeditions of yours. You've been holding out.

the Bag Lady said...

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off the planet we go....
The Bag Lady has not seen any wagon fruit on her extra-terrestrial travels to the grocery store. Must keep eyes peeled next time! :)

Magnus said...

Never been too keen on dragon fruit, but I do love guava.


I have never before witnessed the existence of a Dragon Fruit before but I'm happy that there's finally proof of (fruit) life beyond our planet.

Donut peaches are finally in season here! You need to look for them. It's all the yumminess of a peach without the yuck skin to deal with. Plus their more ergonomically shaped and they won't roll off your plate.

Anonymous said...

I saw dragon fruit for the first time the other day on a cooking show. I looked for it next time we were shopping but didn't see any... still, there are other places to try!

Captain Chlorophyll said...

I've seen dried dragon fruit at Trader Joe's (for those of you lucky enough to have one nearby) but not fresh.

Incidentally, I had to satisfy my horticultural curiosity. The fruit come from the genus Hylocereus, a tropical species of cactus. Alas, I can't grow them here, or else I'd gladly ship them to you.