Friday Favourites Vol. 7: The desert needs a beer

Nothing as long winded or elaborate as last week I'm afraid.

I will just take a minute to pass on another favourite album of mine: Think Tank by Blur

Now, I have to admit, I'm not a huge Blur fan...a lot of their earlier stuff was a bit "off" my taste and a bit poppish and too similar to Oasis at times...but I liked both the Gorillaz side project albums that the lead singer has done, and their newest album (a few years old now) is a bit of a departure from their old style of music, with the loss of their one lead guitarist. And it turns out, I *like* their new sound.
A lot.

This album is fantastic. It's warm flowing sound, with still some of the louder Blur woo hooey tracks (like Crazy Beat and We've Got a File on You) and a lot of music that just really sounds great...with a lot of emotion and a good rythm...touches of the unique. The guitar melody of the song Jets was stuck in my head for weeks after I first heard it, and other songs like On The Way To The Club and Moroccan Peoples Revolutionary Bowls Club are all time favourites of mine. I am racking my brain to try and recall why they album has an explicit sticker...don't let it scare you off. If I can't even recall why, it can't be that bad :)

So have a listen. If you don't like Blur, you may now. It converted me...

The Road is hot and dusty
The desert needs a beer...


Rimshot said…
Is it Friday Favorites time again already? My, where does the time go?

I don't know if the new blog has an e-mail addy listed, so:


Have a great weekend!
I like the old Blur. Namely 'There's No Other Way' and 'Song 2.' I can't think of even one Oasis song that I've ever liked.


No, I don't like Oasis.
Dirty Harry, Dare, and FeelGood Inc. are songs that we play hella loud around the Infidel house. :)

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