They're justified and they're ancient...and they drive an ice cream van

The last train left an hour ago, They were singing "All aboard. All bound for Mu Mu Land"
Then someone starting screaming "Turn up the Strobe" ...

Well I woke up this morning, worked out and feel absolutely giddy with energy for no damn good reason, but you know what?
I'll take it :)

I spent last night restocking our house and pantry after striking and chrsitmas and all seems we've officially gotten past the strike and holidays, and now have all the bills caught up and food and things are stocked up again. It was a lot of stuff, but I'm a hoard for emergency sort of girl, and it helped us out in the past few tight months...I feel more at ease with things all topped up again (and more than a bit justified about doing it).
And as a bit of a treat, a CD we tracked down on ebay arrived and we had a listen. It's an old out of print KLF remix EP with All Bound for Mumu Land and a few other tracks on it. One of the tracks even had Tammy Wynette singing vocals...not sure why, but it was good. I like hunting down odd music and having a listen, particularly remixes or side projects by musicians I already's not always good, but mostly we've been lucky.
Then next obscure album on my *want* list is the Space CD put together by Jimmy Caudy and Alex Patterson. It was originally to be the first Orb album, and is a bit of a concept electronic album, with a track for every planet in the solar is out of print and very hard to find. The KLF, in a fit of pique, deleted their entire catalog when they broke up, so a lot of their older stuff, like this album and the EP we just got, is hard to get, even pirated copies. I'm a "support the artist" sort, so I've tried my best to get the actual albums of things, but it's tricky sometimes. I've bid on a few of them when they come up on ebay, but they're pretty pricey and I always seem to lose out (I just can' t justify over $75 on a CD). I don't really care if I own an original...I just want to hear it.
But I digress...

Have a wonderful day everyone. I know I will. I'm off to anexperiment..:)
Later tater.


Rimshot said…
DNA...Mad Scientist...Stocking up...

Your evil plan is coming to fruition, isn't it?

At least hold of on your world domination/destruction until after I've had a chance to get a window from you.
I had the KLF on cassette tape! I didn't know their stuff would be a collector's item one day.

3 A.M. Eternal is by far their best track.

Oh, I converted to Mormonism 10 years ago. We're all about emergency provisions. The church recommends a food storage of at least 6 months for all the members of your family. It's a pretty lofty task when you factor in that we have 8 people and a dog to stash stuff for and we have a small house.

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