I love it when a plan comes together

I finally braved the basement to set up my mad scientist domain in the basement. Step one done. Dad helped me reno it last year and I've taken forever to move all my crap down there and then sort it all out...but I finally finished the major stuff over the weekend.I've got space for making windows and sewing now and all my kit down there is sorted.
Now I have to mave all the leftover craftish stuff from my den upstairs down to my domain so we can move the computer up there from the basement. THEN J can start to have his music gear set up down where the computer used to be...and we'll have a kitchen table again.


Don't get too excited tho. At the rate I'm going it'll be March before we get it all sorted.
It's nice to have it all coming to gether though. Between that and the cauliflower cheese and fresh pinapple this weekend was rather nice...


Rimshot said…
Erm...Cauliflower cheese? Window making? Music Gear?

Do tell!
Chiya said…
Mmhmm yes this sounds interesting.

What sort of mad scientist stuff are you doing? How do you make windows?

If I were a mad scientist I would probably like to take pictures and develop them.
the Bag Lady said…
You have piqued our interest with your making windows statement...what's that all about? And what kind of sewing do you do? C'mon, spit it out...crafty stuff interests the Bag Lady!

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