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Words of the day: Justified and ancient

I am fascinated by the KLF. I listened to their album The White Room this morning out on the paths and although it's a bit dated (too much 90's womany singing on a few tracks), it still is a great album. I have been inspired and energised by the KLF and their music, and they continue to energise me when I hear them...even this morning there were times I started to spontaneously jog just from the music. At times they were a bit excessive and more than a little ecccentric, but they said a lot and did a lot...and they were among the people who pretty much pioneered the techno/sampling style of music...which I love. Their Chill Out album is right up there with the Orb's Journey to the Ultraworld CD for all time brilliant ambient albums and the White Room and Doctorin' the Tardis (as The Timelords)still make me want to listen to the stereo way too loudly even now, years after they've gone away. One of the selfish reasons I have for peace to be declared all over the world is to hear a new KLF album...they promised they'd record again if it ever happened. I'd like to track down a copy of their album that they had to burn due to sampling and copyright problems back in the 90s. Seeing as it came just before the White Room, I bet it would be good.
Sure, they burned a million pounds and sent a goat to a hotel lobby, but they made good music and had a lot to say.
...and ANYONE who calls themselves the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu gets a nod from me.


Magnus said…
You do know that members of the KLF became the Orb? (eg Alex Patterson)

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