I was hoping to have all these amazing photos of the moon and the eclipse and you know what?
I am a *sucky* photographer.
I had a tripod and diddled about with all manner of settings and sort of got a half assed image, but nothing to ge too excited about.
So please just go here and have a look if you want a nice photo. I haz none.
It was pretty tho. Saturn and Regulus were quite bright to once the eclipse was full. After mucking about in the yard with the camera and tripod I gave up due to cold and tiptoed in, made some tea and popcorn and grabbed the binoculars and a blanket to watch it all from the comfort of my living room - I have a great view of the moon and night sky from there...I fell asleep in the living room looking at the moon and woke up when J got home all very stiff and crunchy. BUT, had a nice evening.


Rimshot said…
Erm...stiff and crunchy?
the Bag Lady said…
The Bag Lady took really sucky pictures, too...oh well. At least we got to see it!
Hilary said…
It was a wonderful show, wasn't it? I'm so glad skies were clear and cooperative.
Geosomin said…
Me - I was stiff and crunchy like an old lady from falling asleep in a non comfy arm was asleep too. Pins and needles time...
I didn't do anything at all except read about the event on your blog several days later.

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