Hippy New Year

You know it's wierd -I was away at a winter camp for New Years in the woods with lots of wonderful people, eating amazing food from a chef of the gods, learning cool things like contact juggling and firespinning, dancing all night to great music and meeting new and old friends in the wilderness and generally refilling my brain again...and I find I have nothing concrete to write about my time there since I've gotten back. It all seems so mundane to try and describe my holiday. It wasn't earth shattering or orgasmic or some sort of epiphany or anything...it's just as tho I can't really describe it and you all don't really need to know (or care? :P ) about the many details of my New Year's time away with my friends at Maskepetoon.

So to fill the gaps, here are some random key words from experiences of the weekend. I am curious if these words will invoke as much strange appreciation and joy in you as the times, words and experiences did in me the past week...


Ghastly, McGuffins, portal, poi, bodyrolling, smoking fireplaces, fairylights, ice lanterns, curried shortbread, glwoing crystalline altars, blinking, wattage, too many jiggawatts, glacial rebound, wedded bliss, pumpkin pie shooters, frozen lakes, northern lights, inquisitive coyote fur, fuzzy wristicuffs, Charlotte's web, discoball hammock, celtic myths, vision quest, dogs fetching and losing giant sticks, moroccan mint tea, palming a deck of cards, saffron rice pudding, endless hugs and relaxing from the inside out.

So...um...yeah...that's my New Year's in nutshell. I've a few resultions to come, but that's all that's coming out right now.
Hope you are all well and this new year is as intriguing to you as it is to me.


the Bag Lady said…
Geosomin - welcome back. Your holiday sounds fabulous! Some of your keywords are very intriguing (ice lanterns? fairy lights? pumkin pie shooters?) Tell us more!!
Reb said…
Yes, Welcome back, sounds like you had a good holiday. I second the Bag lady, tell us more. Curried Shortbread?
Magnus said…
I hung out with Pete and Deanna and watched BSG: Razor the extended cut.

BTW - what do people from Saskatchewan call themselves?
Pacian said…
"contact juggling and firespinning"

Yaaaawn. I can understand why you don't feel the need to share. I'm firespinning right now, with one hand.

PS. This is a blog. You will be surprised what people will read.
I didn't see one snow angel reference listed. :( How happy a holiday could it have been without snow angels?!!?

What about the tradition of dumping-a-cup-of-snow-down-the-back-of-the-pants-of-the-one-you-love?
I'm a hyphen-addict-----
Geosomin said…
OK a lot of my vagueness is due to a total lack of pictures. I just feel like this blog often becomes a diary of sorts...i didn't want to bore you guys.
But come to think of it, it was a fantastic time.
Corey said…
Nutshell New Years are the greatest.

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