I can haz interweb?

I just set up our wireless internet sandwich, and we're broadcasting live about the place, with passwords and everything!
J is on the web on the laptop while sitting on the couch.
I am on too, at the same time.
Ooh lala!
I feel so posh.
I've wanted wireless net for ages...now we can actually put the computer somewhere else in the house and not just where you can run a cable to it. We've saved up and had it for a bit, but just got around to setting it up.


Now wait until you hook up your wireless DVD player. The wife and I got a PlayStation 3 the other day, mainly so that we could watch Blu-Ray discs, and seeing my wireless router's name come up on the TV screen was the weirdest thing. And using the wireless connection to play my laptop's video files on the TV was even weirder. But fun.
Geosomin said…
Wireless DVD?
Oh man, I didn't even know about that. Cool. I was just happy I could now rig up our computer and iTunes to our stereo (well after I pick up a wireless receiver for it..). Watching a wireless DVD?
That's crazy talk my good man. Can you get the 5.1 stereo still? Do tell...it's so bad to be a gadget nut. It never ends...
the Bag Lady said…
The Bag Lady is jealous. She still has dial-up, and is saving madly for the expense of getting wireless out here in the barren wasteland...
Rimshot said…
The label for your post cracks me up!

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