Monday, January 07, 2008

Blah Vol. 7

Blah blah's cold out...blah blah, something about cheese, blah blah blah, I need a nap, blah blah blah, erm...hey. Look at the needle move up and down when I talk! Pah! Pah! Buh! Bel Biv Devoh! this thing on?



*insert shuffly monkey dancing here *


Soooo, sorry about the lack of blogging as of late. Perhaps it's the back to work blahs, but I really can't seem to sit down and do it at the moment...sorry. Every post I start seems silly and dull and I've deleted I don't know how many of them in the quest of "the next big thing".

All I can think about is how I'd love another week off...AND that I'd like to sit and read the Golden Compass in it's entirety without my coworkers telling me all about how their kids "just loved it", and *insert major plot revelation here* was so amazing, with little nudges of how I should have children so I can share the joy of it with them. Grrrr. Yes it's a kids book. What of it? Just because your inner child is sedated...

Hmmmm...I'm getting snarky. More than a bit.
Best be off to the lab break room for a gallon of coffee and a lobotomy then.
Back later when I'm in more of a "butterflies, zebras and moonbeams" sort of mood.

Cheerio my good peeps.


the Bag Lady said...

Must be something in the air... have you noticed how boring some of the Bag Lady's posts have been lately? Must be a case of the January blues, or lack of sunshine, or frost-bite on her funny bone.

Anonymous said...

I find editing my older posts is interesting - I've changed some, kept others just as they are, deleted the rest... my style changed and I'm not sure it was a good thing.

Just life, maybe. Style might change again after looking back.

Bring some coffee for me too, please!

grapecat said...

Tell your co-workers to sod off - Phillip Pullman is wasted on the kiddies! That's some good reading. Though just watched the movie a few days ago and of course, well you know, not a patch on the real thing.
Good luck with the back-to-work blues - and if you figure out a cure let me know. I'm ailing too.

Reb said...

Why on earth would anyone want to share the "joy" of a book with children? I haven't yet read it, but it is on my list, but if the kids can't read themselves, then their parents didn't do a very good job. It is not like it is a Dr. Seuss I-haven't-learned-to-read-yet book!

Sorry - you'll get over the January blues soon enough.

Magnus said...

You could try and focus your grumpiness into a coherent, incisive rant about something topical that really gets your goat, sticks in your craw, etc.
As for Pullman, I know some people who would say he is wasted on anyone after the first book. But I have yet to read it for myself. Too many other things lined up in the reading department.