Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Cool clear water

Keep a movin' Dan
Don't you listen to him Dan'
He's a devil of a man
and he's filled the burning sands with water (water)
Dan can't you see that big green tree
Where the water's running free
and it's waiting there for you and meeee?
That water?
Cool. Clear. Water. (water)

My dad had some OLD stuff on vinyl when I was a kid...some 88s and such and one of them was by Hank Snow, who sang old westernish ballads (not cheesy ones). A song I'll always remember was the song I quoted above about people lost in the desert dreaming about water, called (oh so appropriately) Cool Water.
To this day, it pops in my head uninvited whenever I focus on drinking more I am at the moment.
Over Christmas (well pretty much all December after the striking ended actually) I did bugger all for exercise, ate whatever I pleased and was a total vegetable. It was nice...but I found I got sluggish and my stomach was not into eating unhealthy fatty foods anymore (heartburn...bleah...I never get heartburn anymore). And after holidays, where all manner of deliciousness was all around me I didn't eat everything I saw...but I sure made a dent in it.
Consequently, I am rather less in shape than I was a month ago. I don't like it. Not for appearances (don't look too much different really) but I have no muscle tone, strength is diminished and it wasn't until I worked out yesterday for the first time since last year I realised just how much BETTER I feel when I do...and that I need to get at it.
I also need to drink more water.
Cool. Clear. Water.
I've gotten used to drinking whatever is closest to my body...over the holidays that meant wine, eggnog and such (woot) but now it means coffee. I realised yesterday I drank no less than 6 cups of coffee yesterday. SIX! That's WAY too much. And water? None. At all. Sure I had some juice for breakfast and a healthy lunch and supper, but no water...nada. This is not good.
And so my resolution for January is to drink 5 glasses of water a day.

Let the pee breaks begin!


grapecat said...

there will be showers
showers of blessing
showers of blessing we need
mercy drops round us are falling
but for the showers we plead

Reb said...

You can get a litre bottle with an insulating bag, and take that to work with you. Have it sit beside you, then you don't need to get up to get coffee. That is what I do, I have a Brita, which makes the water so good! I freeze about 1/3 in the bottle over night and fill it before I go to work. You have to tip the bottle slightly, otherwise, you just have ice in the bottom and the water on top doesn't really stay cold.

Pacian said...

But if you are lazy you get existential satisfaction.

Geosomin said...

Grapecat: I'll get you and your little dog too

reb - Problem is I work in a lab, so no food and drink unless I go to the break/lunch room...where there is always fresh coffee brewed. I put a jug of water in th efridge there this morning to give me something else to choose from.

Pacian: Metaphorically speaking...

I've already drank 2 glasses of water today and it's only 9.
I feel like I could swim about in my insides already. Bleargh. 4 more to go...