Thursday, December 27, 2007

Quite undeserving. Quite happy. I have the day off and I love it. It's been ages since I've had this much time to myself.
J is back at work, but I have off until the 3rd of January, and altho I should do a few things over the holiday, it is a morning all for myself and I just can't bring myself to do much of anything except drink coffee just yet. The holidays were nice and not too rushed this year. Christmas eve was fun and Christmas day was a nice day spent with J's family nibbling food and playing games. It's fun having a 2 year old around at really makes it a lot easier to remember what makes it so magic when you get to see the magic played out right in front of you. And yesterday, well J and I just hung out together and relaxed, nibbling on food made in my new wok and watching Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy. I hid from the real world for a few days and it was lovely.

It was all so very nice...altho I have learned this holiday season how incredibly unobservant I can be. J left out a surprise present for me Christmas morning...which I totally somehow missed and didn't see until boxing day. So I recieved it then. And couldn't figure out why he was so mopey on Christmas day (oops). When I *did* finally open it I was brought to tears...he has replaced my galilean thermometer with a beautiful new larger one. It's 50 cm tall and measures 18-28 degrees...I feel blessed and ever so silly. Only I could totally miss a shiney wrapped present over helf a metre high. Luckily the man loves me a great deal and was patient enough to wait for me to recieve it. And it is beautiful...
Our inner geeks are really quite satiated after this holiday...I now have a fully operational Muppet Labs with Dr. Honeydew and Beaker and a robot rabbit. J has a motion control Tardis with lots of whoops and wheezes.

Merry Christmas again to all of you.
I won't be in much over the holidays but please have a wonderful holiday time and eat lots of cake and hug lots of people and generally have a nice time off relaxing doing whatever it is you least for a bit.
Me? I'm off to read a while...


Magnus said...

I almost bought my friend Gavin's son the motion control TARDIS, but got him the two R/C Daleks instead. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you both.

Rimshot said...

Happy Christmas and Merry New Year!

Long live The Doctor! (and Billie Piper)