Wednesday, May 02, 2012

So. Busy.

I realised today that I simply have too much to do before I leave. No fair.
My mum in law just decided she wants to get together too on sunday for her and my niece's birthday and is guilting us into coming. Like I have time for that...and to get gifts...and all the other stuff I need to do. Boo.

I can't properly anticipate or plan for our upcoming holiday like I usually do. I'm leaving lots to J, and hoping he will look after it (eep). Work work work. I need to finish my thesis draft before we leave. And pack. And bottle my mead. And....*sigh*

I wish the Delorian I sat in at the Comicon worked...I could use it right now...
Well, I just have to keep it together for a week...

I am annoyed that yet again my employer is incapable of properly deducting taxes from my earnings and I owe close to $500 due to their neverending fuckwittery. You would think after 11 years they'd figure it out. Add to that that I cannot claim any education or tuition tax breaks because I have a bursary (which I also have to claim as income...grrr) and it's enough to make me want to drive to Ottawa and punch the PM in the nose (well OK I have a number of reasons for that...). We finished our taxes with 20 minutes to spare and got them in the post and now I can focus on my thesis and trying to get ready to travel to see the ever lovely Grapecat marry her partner next weekend.
Must be good and work my ass off...for soon there will be much rejoicing over many good things.

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Anonymous said...

My mother in law passed away on Tuesday. You should go.

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