Tuesday, May 22, 2012

my cat missed me

Since we got back the cats won't leave us alone. Even during my jetlag naps...Geek makes me sneeze but I luv him so... :)

Once I crawl out from under my jetlag I will post about the wonderful trip we just had.

For now...much to my frustration, I just learned I have obscene amounts of thesis revision to do.
*sigh* After reading it thru I've been informed that my results section has to be completely revised. Who knows about the conclusions. they're still doing that part.
I really really REALLY am growing to fucking hate this thesis business. I'm not a good technical writer and I have very little experience in it all, and all i really can go on is handing my work off and waiting (and waiting...) for the feedback on the returned, red ink covered document.
I must admit - Having a few days away from it was really nice...more nice than I can quite describe. It was like putting salve on a constant itch and having relief for the first time in ages.
Now, being back in "the real world" again, being jetlagged tired is making me more sensitive than I should be and I must step back, take a deep breath and dive in again to summarize it all. Because, I am, quite honestly, running out of time if I want to get this done before the end of August. I really do need to finish this very shortly and get it back to my two supervisors again for their final thoughts and revisions. I am learning how to write while writing. A valuable lesson...but one that is taking too damn long for my taste. I did excellent research. It's done now. I am done now. I really am.

I did the work. I just need to describe it to people properly so I can get on with my life.

god, I need a glass of wine...

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Anonymous said...

That's a nice hairy thinking cap. :-)

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