The sound of one hand slapping

I am less stressed.
My battle with technology seems to be at a comfortable lull, both at home and at work.
Last night I managed to start churning out DVD copies. I have to make 16 copies of 2 DVDs, but because they're so short, it's going surprisingly fast. I should finish them up in time for a nice mojito and late supper tonight.
Then I will never look at the files again, except to watch for practice...but that is the OK bit. I must say it is wierd to watch yourself dance. It was good to have done this though, as we can all see the things we need to work on in our routines...and giggle at ourselves.

I gave in and dug out my skipants again so I'd be warm. It's winter's last hurrah at the moment....down into the -30s (again). The sun is rising as I'm riding the bus to work though, so it's getting can't stay this cold forever.

No it can't. Be quiet.


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