I like to sew

The top is sewn. And, done well I might add. It doesn't have any of the fringy bits on it yet (I wanted an hour or two of sleep...call me crazy) but I did all the finishing stitching and the arms are trimmed with proper satin seam tape and there are three pretty beady bits dangling from the center, right between where my bosomy bits sit for a bit of mvement. I don't know if I'll keep thatt or go for a fringy trim or add other trim to it yet...that's for later. I just couldn't wear it completely plain tonight (vain? me? no...) but I was tired enough that I didn't trust myself to screw up complicated trimming with all the nice trim bits I've got for it so I left it at what I did. I did the sewing a bit close to the zipper so it's a bit sticky to unzip, but hey - it looks great, so I am happy. It definitely won't come off and I won't fall out of it or anything...that's the main thing. The fabric is gorgeous enough on it's own. It's a sleeveless fitted cropped choli top out of black flat satin that is embroidered silvery grey bits on it. S'nice.

I did managed to whip up a simple front and back V belt with a bit of fringe on it. I couldn't get the grommets to go in tho - so I may just have to pin it together for tonight and figure out that part later. Grommets and I are not friends. The idea is the two halves of the belt will lace up with some leather tie and grey ribbon thru gommets on each hip. Should look cool...well, except for the current lack of grommet part. Ah, I'll figure it out. I have a whole grand idea for chiffony drapy bits about the hips coming down from behind the belt in grey and black chiffon, to layer over the skirt and swoosh when I dance, but I have to serge all those bits and I want to plan it out carefully as the fabric was $$, so I left for later too. I know those won't be a problem so I'll do them next week...or the week after that. I want time to drape and fiddle and do it proper. And yes...pictures when it's done I promise.

Now I just have to practice my solo with my iPod all day in my head and try to stay awake :)

Tonight I am sleeping.
I can't wait...that and seeing Caroline in 3D are my only weekend plans. This week has been insane.

You know, having a dress form is nice...Finally I could sew, adjust, and pin to make sure it fit me before I put the zipper in the back - and as a result the top fits me very well! Plus - now it's a display stand for the top and the belt to keep the cats from sitting/scratching/playing with/puking on it until I can do more.
It's like my Dad always said "when you've got all the right tools, you can do the job right".
Smart man my Dad :)


the Bag Lady said…
Told you so
Told you so
TOLD you so, didn't I?!

Good for you. And yes, dress forms are wonderful.

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