A Hog's view

It's groundhogs day. The day the fate of our spring (and sanity) is held by a furry little guy...named Evan.

Our very own groundhog Saskatoon Evan (I didn't name him) has declared his decision for the year and he says it'll be an early spring. I think he's just being hopeful like the rest of us. Nevertheless, he's a pretty accurate guy as far as local weather goes. Our little Evan's prediction accuracy is recorded at 49% for local weather while the other groundhogs average a mere 39%. (Take that Punxsutawney Phil...)

I tried to find a photo of the little guy, but all I could find were photos of Evan Biddel, a local who won Canada's Best Designer (who is a cool guy, don't get me wrong. I actually know him...want a cool outfit and he's your guy, but as for weather...eh, not so much)

Here's the "Hog's View of 2009 Groundhog Springtime Predictions" from about the globe (courtesy of Wikepedia )- for what it's worth:

French Creek Freddie - Early Spring

Buckeye Chuck - 6 more weeks of winter

Saskatoon Evan - Early Spring

Balzac Billy - 6 more weeks of winter

Malverne Mel - Early Spring

Woodstock Willie - 6 more weeks of winter

Jimmy the Groundhog - 6 more weeks of winter

Octoraro Orphie - 6 more weeks of winter

Staten Island Chuck - Early Spring

Wiarton Willy - 6 more weeks of winter

Shubenacadie Sam - 6 more weeks of winter

Punxsutawney Phil - 6 more weeks of winter

Dunkirk Dave - Early Spring

Good luck with your local hoggy weather witchcraft. Go watch Groundhog's Day and think of spring.

Me? I'm just happy to be feeling well and back at life. I'll take that for starters...:)
Happy Groundhog's Day !


Magnus said…
It's Groundhog Day and I feel like Bill Murray. Aw, crap...
Anonymous said…
"Saskatoon Evan" does not exist. Someone vandalized the Wikipedia article and inserted the fictitious groundhog.

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