Last night, besides other stuff I've been meaning to get to, I got on a "make healthy snacks" kick and made some homemade granola bars and some blueberry cornmeal lemon muffins (at the request of his sickness). Being my usual dexterous self, I managed to grate all 4 knuckles on my right hand while grating zest from my (organic) lemon.
Then (after washing my hands) I squeezed the juice from the lemon into the batter.
Oh mumbles of pain could be heard about the house. One cat hid. The other came to comfort me. J was napping so he didn't know..altho I gave him permission to mock me freely when he woke.
Kindly he did not and we enjoyed the knucklemuffins.
They're really good you know (and 99.9% knuckle free)


Rimshot said…
lemon juice + open wound = owie!

Alton Brown's "Good Eats" had an episode where he made home-made energy bars. I've been meaning to give that a go.

The knuckle meat just adds protein.
the Bag Lady said…
Meh - a little added flavour from the knuckles. But ouch to the lemon juice in open wounds!!

I must make some kind of cookies or something today for the Rancher. Can't decide what to make, though.

I feel an experiment coming on....
Missicat said…
ouch! Hope they were really good! Sounds so much like something I would do...

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