Much Music's Top 10 gyrations, er, I mean songs...

While feeling sicko I watched some TV. Usually I don't and I've got other stuff to do, but after a few days you need something to entertain you when you feel too drugged up on Nyquil to read a book.

One thing I watched, out of curiosity, was the Much Music know, to see what the current greater sheepherd of the world is up to. I caught the the last top 6 "songs" of the top 10 countdown. Sadly, all but one were insipid dance tracks with no creativity or quality to them...sure if you were somewhat drunk and wanted to shake your ass at club they might do in a pinch, but to just listen to? Meh. And the lyrics? Quality lines like "I'll take him out and make him hard" and "I'm huffin with my muffin"...who writes this shit?

What really got me though, was the videos. Soft porn anyone?
Point in case: the "dancing". Maybe it's because I've been doing a lot of bellydancing lately - but you can be sexy without looking like a burlesque show. You can do it with style, and have fun dancing. Yet, looking at these videos, honestly, I've seen a few burlesque shows with more class. Lots of pleather, tight 80s kinda costumes, with boobs all over and dry humping of the air, cars and the occasional boy toy plopped in the video for increased groping factor (I recall Justin Timberlake was one of them-he had a shower in the desert before making out with his girl on her car by their trailer...I know. Wierd.). Even a bit of an orgy in one of the videos.
Um...hello? You're not selling the music're selling sex. Nothing new really, but seriously. Give it a rest. All that dry humping must be exhausting... With the whole voice pitch correction thing, you don't even need to know how to sing anymore, so work out some real dance moves. Work it...and no, just gyrating and humping the air don't count as dancing. Boob shaking and hip grinding is not dancing...

Let me say this - I am definitely NOT a prude. I'm all for sexy...when it suits. I just got to thinking, how do young people cope with all this and figure out who they are? I ask those of you with young girls - how the hell do you bring up a girl to be self respecting and not buy into all that crap? Is it just me or has woman's lib tipped far over into "freedom to be a skank, because I choose to be"?

Where are my pills?
It's cold in here. Someone get me my afghan and mywalker.
Time for my nap...


Magnus said…
Burlesque has far more class than the crap that plays on Much Music. Industry driven lowest common denominator crap. Hell, they should start a channel called Much More Strippers.
the Bag Lady said…
I knew there was a reason to avoid Much Music.
And I'm far older than you, so it would probably be far worse in my view.

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