Love Day

natalie dee
I've never understood the whole Valentines day thing. It seems like trumped up negotiations for sex, or desperately trying to prove your love. As tho what you get your partner on that day directly reflects your level of love. Back when dating I absolved J of all Love Day duties and responsibilities. I think its silly. Little things done out of the blue are what matter to me. Anyone can buy a card at the shop on demand. Restaurants are packed full of romantic people trying to play the part - what about the poor sods who have to serve you? They can't all be single.
The whole enforced gift thing is a bit like paying for your love...I know a lot of girls I work with who have this day set up high on a pedestal. It's the day their sod of a husband actually makes an effort to take her out, kids free, and have a nice dinner and a bit of romance after...maybe even some nice wine or lingerie. I'm glad they get it at least once a year, but if you're that far apart from each other, what the hell is a bouquet of flowers and a card going to do. It's not the middle ages anymore - you can't woo (most) women with a shiny jewel or some flowers and chocolate. We need love my good chaps. Love and respect and honour. Flowers die. Cards get chucked out. Jewels are for chumps.
Plus, who says the guys have to do all the hoop dancing and magical tricks? Come on ladies - give a little! We have a larger part to play in this than the maid in the tower waiting for a token of undying love - we're their partners. I think guys get hosed on Valentines Day... I ask you women- what are YOU doing? And why?

Maybe I'm less naive, but I don't buy into any of this love on demand business. It's silly. In life I ask for whatever random acts of kindness pop into J's head. No set day or time-just life. If he gets me a gift, to get me something because he wants to...not because it is heart shaped.

This love day?
I got a pizza. Before you smirk, let me tell you this was a damn good one, with spinach and garlic and lots of other good things. Then came the nudity.
Really, a great day for me....and not unlike other lazy saturdays. Full of love. And pizza.
You don't need a special day for that...


grapecat said…
urg - nude pizza??!!

i don't get the valentines thing either - i find it insulting - the mass-marketed idea that women can be palmed off so cheaply. and that love can even be defined, let alone packaged in a creepily similar fashion. and that we are ALL THE SAME. and all want THE SAME THING, gender-specific of course.

as they say over here, pull the other one - it's got bells on
Well, I got married the day before Valentine's Day -- in honour of our second date, which we still refer to as the "un-Valentine's Day" date -- so I kind of have to do something around this time of year. But it's good, because any excuse to book a babysitter and take time off from the kids is a good excuse. :)
MaCanuck said…
I like spinach and garlic pizza. And nudity, too.

However, I spend the day in Dawson Creek playing music in front of a small crowd of disinterested teens trying not to hork up a lung. Nothing says I love you like a four-star flu.

All in all, I'da preferred the romantical stuff.

And you tell those gals. Come on, women. Put out a little. I mean, um. Give a little.
MaCanuck said…
Also, I'm surprised at Pete for not picking up on this section:

"It's not the middle ages anymore - you can't woo (most) women with a shiny jewel or some flowers and chocolate. We need love my good chaps. Love and respect and honour. Flowers die. Cards get chucked out. Jewels are for chumps."

I would have thought a Tonio K quote would have been apropos.

Odd. For the first time ever, my word verification word is actually a word.

That word is skies.

Not sure what that has to do with anything, though....
the Bag Lady said…
Well, I went out for supper with my man (and the in-laws and out-laws) and we had a blast! Not romantic (well, unless you count the couple at the next table who were trying to suck each other's lungs out...)but fun! Oh.... BTW, the women paid for the meal!!

MaCanuck - what the HELL were you doing playing in Dawson Creek???? That's just a stone's throw away from me..... if you're an Olympian...
Geosomin said…
I came off as a bit of a bag, I know, but I do get tired of how my guy friends get placed into impossible situations like love day every year...
I'm not against going out and having a good romantic evening, I just balk at the enforced part of it.

Grapecat-ding ding

Trent - it's not just the ladies who need to put out :) Hope you're feeling better - flu is not high on the romantic list

Bag Lady - I'm glad you had a nice time out together. It sounds like fun...I'm not dissing your good time. It's the day itself I balk at.

Pete - it IS a good excuse to go out, I admit ;) But you're one of the good ones who doesn't wait for the day to treat you r wife nicely :)
Anonymous said…
I had a thought about Valentine's Day... it was going to feature (though not at great length) in a forthcoming blog post.

When I do think about Valentine's Day now, the oddest thing is that I think about someone I knew at work. She asked me to go out and buy her some small heart-shaped baking tins so that she could make some little cakes for her husband.

WHY that should stick in my mind, I don't know! It was years ago.
Magnus said…
Valentine's Day can rot in Hell.
MaCanuck said…
Bag Lady.

I throw my stones at Dawson Creek from the west. Tumbler Ridge, to be exact.

Keep an eye out for us in GP:

Gee: I'm easy....

Magnus: No, really, tell us how you *really* feel.

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