Played best at window shattering volume


Know why?

Some serious old faves of mine The Prodigy have a new album coming out in a month. Their last one was a bit of a dissapointment, as it wasn't at the level of Fat of the Land which is still one of my favourite albums. Fat of the Land had tracks like Firestarter, Funky Shit and Narayana...serious, heavy, shake your ass, hard techno...even great for running fast through the woods. (I'd link to them but Youtube has been taken over bythe copyright goons, and I can't find anything good anywhere). Years later I still love this I'm excited for more.

Their new album Take Me to the Hospital sounds like it will be fantastic...check out their first single from the album: Invaders Must Die. Their old style is back...

I'm gonna go heavy up the labwork with some yeah...


Melissa said…
Now I have some great new ideas for my workout mix, which right now consists of only two songs that I can stand to exercise to.


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