Tuesday, December 18, 2007

So close to monkey time!

The end is in brain is fighting the burnout...and likely tomorrow I'll be done this cursed data. FINALLY.

My reward for all this?
A Monkey Bag. Well OK I don't know if that is what it is *actually* called, but it is what *I'm* calling it. It's a nice messenger bag made of soft black vinyl and it has many pouches and pockets and will tote all my kit and my lunch too...but the best part is there is a monkey on it. The Beastie Boys, with one of them as an ape to be specific. I saw it online ages a go and thought "huh...neat", but it was too much, so I left it behind. I saw it again the other day marked way down to $20 here in I have rewarded myself. I've needed a new bag to haul things about and to work for a while now, so it is time (monkey time?)
And it has a monkey on it...and the Beastie Boys. This can only be a good thing...

To doesn't get better than that without getting all posh and leatherishlike on me. And with my track record for wrecking/losing things that are really nice, this monkey bag is a good thing.

My cat even fits inside.
No, I didn't PUT him in he just went in.....enough room in there for a Maine Coone is all I'm saying. cat messenger bag for me it is.
And as soon as I'm done I can start using it.
Well, off to bed with brain is done.


the Bag Lady said...

Cool monkey bag. But does it hang over the shopping cart handle to protect your hands from germs?! :)
(just kidding...)