Fluffy puff

It's funny...I've been waiting for lots of snow for ages and we've finally had days of the fluffy stuff. It's great...altho I'm finding already that shovelling snow is turning into making the bed...you know, why do it when you'll just have to do it again tomorrow?

But I love it all, as it's so pretty. And after being out picketing for ages in the cold, now, it's nothing to shovel or just go for a walk in the cold...kinda fun actually. I"m sure it will wear off, but for now it's great.
It's getting me all festive and holidayey. This weekend is "coat the home in lights" time and the tree will go up. I love Christmas for all the lights and shiney things.
It makes me feel so much better just sitting in a blinky room with some tea...
but til then....well, more shovelling (and data) :)


Trent said…
You? Tire of winter? Never.

Me? Be sarcastic ass? Never.

Oh, wait.


Maybe you could get Data to do the shoveling?

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