Thursday, December 06, 2007

I luvs da intrnet

Psalm 3
From LOLCat Bible Translation Project

1 o Cieling Cat, how lotz da r mah foez! srlsy! how lotz da rize up against me! I iz scareded!

2 lotz da r sayin ov me, "Cieling Cat will not delivr him. U can no haz delivr. Not evn pizzas lol"

3 but u r shield around me, o Cieling Cat, like a force fields frum star trek; u gives cheezburgrz on me an lift up mah head. Thx.

4 2 teh Cieling Cat i cry aloud, an he anzwers me frum his hole in da ceiling.

5 i lie down an sleeps in my serta memry foam bed (is comfort); i waek again, cuz teh Cieling Cat sumtime he gets nait crazies an chazes invisible mouse thru da livings room and I are layk omg wtf.

6 im gonna not fear teh tens ov thousandz

7 arize, o Cieling Cat! delivr me cheezburgers, o mah Cieling Cat! strike all mah enemiez on teh jaw, and pees on their carpets an sleep in theyr laundrie; break teh teeth ov teh wickd and sharpen clawz on couch and then pretend u did not do anything bad k thx.

8 frum teh Cieling Cat comez deliverance and many cheezburgers and cookiez. cud ur blesin be on ur peeps.


Diddums said...


grapecat said...

OK I just choked on my wine!!! OMG - WTF??? Fab.
I am ashamed to admit I may be addicted to lolcats, I know it's probably wrong but it feels so right.
imagine what fun we would have had at school with internet access, huh? Kids these days - don't even know they're born :)

Pacian said...

Ceiling Cat is watching you right now, oh noes!

grapecat said...

if ur not gud, ceiling cat will use teh dred SPELL CHECK on u!!!
and u wont haz prezzies

elasticwaistbandlady said...

This is an abomination of epic proportions!!!

Mainly because I have a hard enough time deciphering scripture without the added jumble of lolcat-ese.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

And I keep thinking I know you from somewhere else on teh internets. Do I? Maybe another blogger in common?

Magnus said...

There was a Chinese restaurant in Vancouver's Chinatown that was shut down in the 70's for serving cat.How wish that place was open today...