My Mum and Dad were here.
It was so great to see them - a bit of an early CHristmas of sorts. We gave Mom her little, easy to use digital camera that we kids got her for Christmas. Now she can see if she's cut off our heads or put her finger int he way before she develops the film roll! And it's pink...she's quite happy. We gave our Dad a year's subscription to Wood magazine so he can make things and tinker out in the shop. It's nice to give people things they will use and enjoy...they'll think of us often just like we do them...:)
We went out for dinner (and I had a piece of halibut that was good enough for Jehovah) and then hung out at my brother's and played dominos and drank hot chocoalte and laughed and talked until midnight.
I'm sad they won't be here at Christmas time, but it was great to see them, even for just a bit.

It's nice to be tired for a good reason :)

PS-if anyone wants to feed Frobisher, click more to toss him a fish. He's a good little penguin. I like to keep him happy.


Reb said…
As long as you are all together, you have Christmas! Sis & I used to both work shift work and would not always get Christmas off, so there were many years when Christmas was not on the 25th.

P.S. I like your penguin! But I made him fall into the water - oops!
Betty said…
I fed Frobisher a lot. How could I resist him, with a name like that? :)
Anonymous said…
I think I made him a bit dizzy - whoops.
the Bag Lady said…
Glad you enjoyed your visit with your folks! Christmas is a feeling, not a day.
If Frobisher gets fat, you can blame the Bag Lady. He's so darned cute, it's hard to resist feeding him!

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