On the eve of good things

It's Christmas tomorrow.
I love Christmas.
Today I can break out the Christmas music (I try not to inflict too much of it on J) and finish up the few homemade gifts. Then it's over to my brother's for pizza and eggnog and Carsicona for the evening, and then to my in-laws Christmas day to relax and nibble and watch my 2 year old neice enjoy her first real Christmas. Can't wait..
It's been a very nice Christmas time so far...lots of time to relax, not too much food (yet) and plenty of time to relax with J. And the snow is fluufy and beautiful...there's beena full moon lately and the river has been all misty and glowy...s'nice that.
We even made giant a gingerbread North Pole with my neice, complete with many trees, a Santa's cottage and a big gingerbread train full of candy...it's covering my sister-in-laws table at the moment...quite elaborate and a whole lot of fun.

Well I must be off to finish my recipe jars and muffin of the month club card (membership has it's privelidges...)

A Merry CHristmas to you all!


Pacian said…
And a very happy Christmas to house Geosomin!
the Bag Lady said…
Merry Christmas, Geosomin!

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