My cats are trying to kill me

Ever wake up with 2 cats on your of which then suddenly launches thru the air off your face (using your cheek as a foot grip) at the sound of your alarm clock...leaving you gripping your face and yelling "dammit cat!" at the retreating furry blur, while having the other leap up, twitching and hopping all over your most squishy and compressable parts in a mad panic trying to escape off the bed?

You should come to my house. It's all *kinds* of fun found here...
Either they were trying to smother me in my sleep or scar me so I am unable to eat or breathe and waste away to nothingness...

Stupid cats. They left no permenant marks, but I'm thinking I'll need a helmet soon just to sleep in my own bed without injury.


Diddums said…
I think Mum would sympathize - one of her cats has always been a kitten at heart and (despite being x years old) still jumps on people's shoulders from a distance, and launches herself at Mum when she's sitting down. Just *whoosh* - arms full of furry cat.
We once had a huge Siamese lookalike named Oscar who got so scared by a Doberman entering the vet's office he jumped up on my moms shoulders and started shi**ing uncontrollably everywhere.

Thats one Garfield strip I'd sure like to see. I wonder what Veterinarian Liz would say with crap flying all around her?

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