A very late meme

Pacian tagged me a while ago with this and I haven't had time to get to it until now ( many many appleohgeys for the inconvenience). And so without any further adeau (and no spellcheck as I'm tired), I present the book-o-meme:

Total number of books owned:

I had to wait while I was home and at the computer near the "wall o' books" to get a decent guestimate. i was counting, but gave up and started grouping after 300...I'd say of all our books, about 450 are mine and J has at least 500 (which I might add are about half Doctor Who missing adventures). If you count weighty tomish textbook type books, I'm up just over 500.
Let's just say that in our basement and my craft room there is a shelf or two.

Last Book Bought:

The History of Science up to 1900
Picked it up at a garage sale. It's a fascinating read. It's great to observe the absolute change of science over the centuries and see how science and culture developed simultaneously. Fascinating stuff...I took a medieval history and medicine of women class n university (yes it was a *fun* elective, what of it?) and was fascinated by culture influencing science and the ebb and flow of ideas thru culture. Now that I think of it, it's been ages since I've actually bought a book. I've a great many to get thru and am always being given books from friends as recommendations as of late.

Last book read

Chuck Klosterman: IV
His fourth book of essays, sarcastic questions and comments on society. I like the way he thinks and enjoy reading witty intelligent comments form someone my age for once.

Five books that mean a lot to you

Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carol.
My Mum read this to me cover to cover a bazillion times when I was little. It was the first book I ever read out loud cover to cover, 10 pages a night. I still giggle when I read the part where the mouse falls in the teapot. This book is so odd and imaginative...I love it.

Chronicles of Narnia, CS Lewis
Again...read these books over and over as a child. They shaped my imagination.

Jayne Eyre, Charlotte Bronte
I don't know why, but I really identify with Jane. I have read this book over and over and I enjoy it as a winter read, curled up under a blanket.

The Paradise War. The first book of the Song of Albion series by Stephen Lawhead.
This book is so full of vivid imagery and incredible characters. I really enjoyed it. the rest of the trilogy is also very good, but this book stands apart as a fantasy novel. Lawhead is a historian who took to writing and it really shows in the detail of his writing. His other books, like the Iron Lance and Byzantium vividly create ancient worlds and he is a very good story teller. Check it out.

The last one? Well it's a tie between authors more than books (can I cheat and do that?) So many titles pop to mind for 5th place, but these authors should be in there: Roddy Doyle (for his bizarre characters and witty dialogue) and Nick Hornby for his brilliant character interaction, and books about somewhat unikable people. I'd throw the Dark Tower series in here by stephen King too...but that's enough I guess. Y'know, I'd really prefer a favorite author meme than book...

As for tags...most of the people I'd tag have done this, but Magnus, Trent, Pete, Corey, Chaucer's Bitch, Grapecat...have at it.
Or not...:)
Actually, I tag all of you with this: who are your favorite authors and why?


Corey said…
I applaud your serendipitous choice of books. After reading your glowing endorsement of Chuck Klosterman I had to google him to learn more. In reading an interview with Chuck, he mentions the name of a band and song that I have been wishing I could remember for the last 6 months. So I thank you for your divine intervention.

The song is "Hobo Humpin' Slobo Babe" by Whale
Anonymous said…
Just for fun, I'm not going to be anonymous, because anyone who knows me will know me by my books.

total number of books owned: A wall full. Almost full. 7 ft by 18 ft, with a hole for an entertainment centre. Probably in the 400 to 500 range.

Last Book Bought: Um. Probably last Harry Potter book. I read more than I buy, though.

Last book read: Am just going through about five on business plans and starting up a new business in order to help a friend kick-start his photo business, with an eye towards joining him once it takes off.

Last book actually read from cover to cover was _Classics of Western Literature_ by Berke Breathed. Last Bloom County Collection. Brilliant, if sometimes dated.

Five Books that mean a lot to me:

Lord of the Rings by JRR something something

Voyage of the Dawntreader by Lewis

The Lions of Al Rassan by GG Kay

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Doug Adams

Wrinkle in Time Madalaine L'Engle

Those are not my five all-time drop dead favourites, just five that mean a lot to me. They're up there, but I'd have to argue about it a lot more to determine the actual top five.

Five authors

JRR Something or Other.
Do I really need to elucidate this one?

CS Lewis
Mostly for Narnia

Terry Pratchett
He doesn't have a book in the five because he's got too many to chose from. Bromiliad is brilliant, but I love most of the Discworld series.

GG Kay
Thoughtful, intelligent, articulate, and never one to follow the obvious path. Lions of Al Rassan is my favourite, but they're all great. Except the latest, which I regret to say I still haven't read (bloody small town libraries...)

M L'Engle
Just passed away, to the world's detriment. One of the few writers who has written a line that still gives me shivers when I read it in the same way Daniel Amos' Soon gives me shivers; a moment of clarity, through which one can see heaven....

I am trying hard to justify leaving Llewellyn's Five books in the Black Cauldron out, as I love those, too.
My imagination has totally been shaped by C.S Lewis' Narnia books. I had countless dreams as a child (and some as an adult) that involve the landscape of Narnia. The books are timeless classics.

In a similar vein, I would recommend "The Dictionary of Imaginary Places" - a great collection of maps & descriptions of fictional places from various pieces of classic literature, including the Narnia books. I can lose myself for hours in that one!
grapecat said…
OK - I'll have a go...

Total number of books owned: no idea. 600? And I live in a round house so book shelves are a problem. They are piled everywhere and are breeding (esp. the cookbooks).

Last book bought: The Last King of Scotland by Giles Foden. It was on in our local pub's "take one leave one" book shelf. So far it's very good.

Last book read: How To Speak Dog by Stanley Coren. I am trying to understand our dog better - the book was interesting - alot of research on how animals communicate.

5 books that mean alot to me: (I might have to cheat and go to authors...)

1. Tom Robbins - esp. Jitterbug Perfume and Another Road Side Attraction

2. Terry Pratchett - all. OK, favourite probably Equal Rites.

3. The Women's Room by Marilyn French (the first book that clued me into the fact that what I was seeing had a name and that name was patriarchy - I wasn't being paranoid!)

4. Haruki Murakami - all, but esp. The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

5. Lawless World by Phillipe Sands - The first book I read that really spelled out how law and idealism are compatible, nay, necessary, and a fine call to arms to defend international law.

I totally agree on the Douglas Adams as well - did you know Radio 4 (BBC) has serialised Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency? It's on on Wednesday evenings at 630. I think you could listen in Canada from the Listen Again page on their site.

oooh I could talk books all day......
Pacian said…
Ah, I'd forgotten about this.

Veeeeeeery interesting.
Magnus said…
Anonymous, thy name is Trent. Confess!
Magnus said…
My meme is up.
geosomin said…
Corey - Yes Chuck is a fine sort of bloke. Whale huh?

ANONYMOUS: (ahem *trent* ahem...):
Classics of Western Literature-Was given it long ago as a gift of woo as I recall. GG Kay-totally forgot him, yeah he is brilliant. Wrinkle in Time...also good. erm...GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!

It's funny how books can shape your imagination as a child isn't it?

I agree on the Tom Robbins...
Ooh...I'll have to look up the BBC4 thing. I'd love an audio drama of that. It too is a favorite of mine...and I'll look up a book by Murakami on your referral...

Pacian - see? I can remember thigns...

Magnus - I'll go check it out...

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