Uhuh...too right.

Your Score: Ace

You scored 55% strength, 48% intelligence, 23% friendliness, and 47% escapology!

You are Ace. You are brave, reckless, and likely to be carrying around explosives. It could be said that you are of the "Blow up first, ask questions later" type. The Doctor disapproves of this, and says so, frequently. Still, even he can't deny that having a personal walking grenadier occasionally comes in handy. Despite your talents for destruction, you still seem to wind up in trouble an awful lot. You certainly aren't the quiet, thinking type. And you *definitely* don't appreciate The Doctor's constant intrusions into your past. The Doctor frustrates and maddens you to no end, and you don't always put him in the best of moods, either. You're good for breaking down doors, but let's face it: you're not the brightest point in the de-materialization matrix.

Link: The Doctor Who Companion Test written by lobotomy42 on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test


Huh. I'm the perfect companion for a Doctor. That would be Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper.
Anonymous said…
akawzThe perfect Doctor Who companion would be a cabbage which would sit on the Doctor's shoulder.

When something complcated came up that needed some quick exposition, He would inform the cabbage, as well as all of us.
Betty said…
Dammit, I'm jealous.

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