Monday, October 01, 2007

5K or Bust

Gratuitous victorious cat shot.

Well, cuz I really did it!
Thanks to my friends Lili and Karen who were on my run team who were my cheering squad (and who run a lot more than me). They encouraged me on, and I ran the *whole* 5K of the Run for the Cure.
All of it!
I didn't stop once, and finished in a quite respectable 34 minutes and some seconds...

I have to say - it was an inspirational time. I haven't expereienced anything quite like be around the people I work to help in a place where they had such hope and strength instead of sickness. There were a lot of survivors there, some still in chemo, who were walking because they couldn't run. Some were walking for those who had passed on...for family and friends they'd lost. All I could think of when I ran was "this is hard, but it's *nothing* compared to what they went through". And with the sadness was joy...people holding photos of loved ones they remembered...survivors too sick to run cheering us on on the path with pink feather boas and pompoms...with such joy in their eyes!
It was an amazing thing. I'm glad I did it. I learned a bit about how strong I am inside and how amazing people are.
Thanks to all of you who pledged to me...I hope I honoured you by running well.
And thanks to you Shirley...I ran it for you. Be well.

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grapecat said...

Congratulations! Well Done! (and I love the catshot :))

Pacian said...

Huge respect.

But I find the cat on the left a bit sinister-looking.

Corey said...

You honour us all by being such a wonderful person.

Geosomin said...

Aw...thanks guys:)

Rimshot said...

Charitable, yes.
Animal lover, yes (not in that way you perverts!)
And now, visual proof of sexiness, YES!!

Congrats on a great thing you've done.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

:Channeling ELF:

You Did It!!!!!

You have real purdy eyes. So does your kitty.