Thursday, October 18, 2007

Unreasonably mumbly

I'm tired.
And I have a headache.
And I ache in odd places.
And ...(insert whinging here)

Result? Yup, I'm very grumpy....have been this way since yesterday at about lunch. I read over a lot of posted replies and things I said yesterday...they were mostly grumpy and ranty and tetchy. Eep. Sorry to any of you I may have spewed crank at yesterday in your comments. I'm really not that much of a opinionated crank...just now...cuz I'm achy and the lights are too bright and the lab is hot and my head hurts and...oh you get the idea.
But, good news everyone! I've been promised I will feel better soon. The bottle told me I'd feel "relief" in about 30 minutes and be pain free for 2-5 hours.

I'm waiting bottle people.
Bring it on...please?

I think I'm going to go hide from you nice peoples and work quietly in a dark lab until I can go home and relax a bit and these painkillers do their promised thing. My brother & his wife are going to hang out with me tonight so I'd better cheer my cranky ass up before then or I'll be chucked out the window for being unreasonably mumbly.

Mumble mumble...

LATER: HUZZAH! The promised relief has come. I'm not all better but I can function. Thank you you mighty genies from the pill bottle. I can finally feel human and get something done.


Pacian said...

I sympathise. Every five hours it's time for me to take another dose of decongestant and I start to get a sick headache.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Yeah, I've been tired and achy all week too. Maybe seasonal affectation disorder and higher pressures in the air?

Or maybe its just 'Tis The Season To Act Beyotchy......Fa La La La La La La La.'