Thursday, October 25, 2007

Please give now to the scare the bejeezus out of my spouse fund

Anyone have a spare $150 lying about they could lend me?
It's for a good cause, really.
I was out shopping the other day and found these huge scary puppets and I so very dearly want one. Why? Well, scaring small chillins when they come to beg for candy next week is all fine and good, and would be fun, but I would really want one so I could finally get revenge for the Obiwan induced twitches cast upon me a few years ago by my loving J. I could finally equal the "Gah!" and "EEps!" that I kept randomly spitting out upon seeing a figure in the dark in rooms or out of the corner of my eye in random rooms of my then new my loving husband moved my lifesize Obiwan cutout randomly about the house. Let's just say I'm an easy scare and J isn't...and I have a secret dream to just once scare him silly...but in a good way. Yeah.
Anyways, back to this puppet. This puppetish thing has a big scary head about 2 times normal size that mounts on your shoulders above your head and a shawl comes down to cover your head and shoulders....and there are huge clawey arms about 6 feet long with puppet sticks you hold in your hands to wave scarily about. There were a number of choices - skeleton, witch, zombie, frankenstein and a demon. You could even put in a battery so the their eyes would light up red from some LEDs in them. I mean how cool is that? And I bet I'd finally get to scare him. Just once. Just think...he comes down for a drink of water, opens the fridge and slowly a large scaly hand curls around the door and then a huge monstrous head growls and peeks at him over it. Or I grab slowly from behind the couch...or from under the bed...or just well, anywhere really.
Of course I know eventually it'd be used back on me causing me to loose control of my bodily functions but for one brief moment I could be the scareyer and not the scareyeee (yes it's a word).

Anyone want to contribute to the scare my husband out of his pants fund??


Magnus said...

Easy to scare J, just get a hold of some nude photos of Ramona Bruckner.

Pacian said...

Allow me to contribute 54 alphanumeric characters to your fund.

Crabby McSlacker said...

Oh man, now I want one! It sounds very cool. Any chance you could scare up a picture of it? (sorry).

Good luck in your spouse-terrorization project.