Friday Favourites - Vol. 4 - The Flaming Lips

Although I can't think of a specific favorite album today...I've had this song in my head all day and it is a favorite of's a silly song, but a loud and slightly odd one and despite it all, I like it.
And so, for a somewhat lame Friday favourites I present a favorite old song of mine by an alltime favourite band of mine:

Tangerine Song - by Flaming Lips

I know a girl who thinks it goes
she'll make you breakfast,
she'll make you toast
but she don't use butter, and she don't use cheese
she don't use jelly or any of these

she uses vaseline

I know a guy who goes to shows
when he's at home and he blows his nose
he don't use tissues or his sleeve
he don't use napkins or any of these

He uses magazines
magazines (x3)

I know who a girl who reminds me of Cher
she's always changing the color of her hair
she don't use nothing that you buy at the store
she likes her hair to be real orange

she uses tangerines
tangerines (x5)

Ah...I do so love the Flaming Lips. They're odd, quirky and their lead singer Wayne likes to pour fake blood all over himself while performing, mow the lawn wearing green wellies, have their road crew dress up as superheroes and occasionally walk over the crowd in a giant inflatable ball. The first song I'd ever heard by them was Bad Days back in school and I've liked them ever since.
They've advanced from the loud clanky crude sounds of this song and the album Transmissions from the Satellite Heart into what they are today. I've loved all their recent albums: The Soft Bulletin is an amazing album - Songs like A spoonful weighs a ton and Suddenly Everything has Changed are beautiful and haunting.
Their next album, an all time favourite of mine, is Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots. The whole album, start to finish is fantastic - at times loud, at times waxing poetic. All in all a fine album, and I think just barely, my favourite of theirs so far. Songs like Do You Realise, Fight Test and Are you a Hypnotist? are all time favourites of mine. Their most recent album At War With The Mystics is more of the same goodness...with Yeah Yeah Yeah and other great songs like Pompeii Am Gotterdammerung, I look forward to more from them. Little bonus songs on their EPs like "Thank you Jack White for that Fibre Optic Jesus that you Gave Me" push them over the edge into brilliance.
Someday I may be lucky enough to see them live...I bet it'd make me very happy...

OK, so maybe this isn't such a lame favourite after all...happy friday all.


Pacian said…
I really like Pompeii Am Gotterdammerung. It is like flying low over the Earth.
They do a Spongebob song that I really like. They also participated in an album of John Lennon covers that was really bad. Horrifically, craptastically, bad.

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