Sunday, October 14, 2007

To squeam or not to squeam...that is the question

Nothing like watching some schlocky scary movies to make you a bit paranoid.

Now I know I know there *probably* isn't an axe wielding maniac in my basement or a haunted wooden man in my yard named Morty (yup these were some *BAD* bmovies!) but I had an odd conversation with J the other day and the thoughts been prowling in the back of my head - just how much personal information should I be spewing out on here? I'm careful to not post anything to get me introuble with work/people I know...but just how much personal info is too much? I can't be too private. I'm careful to keep the blogger me separate from the "real" me from the "facebook" me. Not that I think you're all out to get just doesn't seems like a smart idea. And really - noone cares :) I do blather on a lot about my real life and anyone who knows me knows me...but I do leave the odd bit of personal info out so that, hopefully, noone gets the idea to stalk me or otherwise make my life creepy or inconvenient, by oh, say robbing me or getting me in trouble at work or something. Having my ebay hacked a while back has made me a little more paranoid about such things. I don't pretend to think my average life is one to take fanatical interest in...just maybe a theif watching and figuring out where I live to rob me or maybe someone have too much personal info about me. I'm rather reluctant at the moment to post about certain things...and yet the whole point I started this ages ago was as an outlet for me (I never thought anyone would bother to read it) and to keep in touch with friends far away. I (to a fault) believe the best in people and assume their interest are also in line with mine. I sincerely hope I never have reason to think otherwise. In fact I really don't want to think otherwise.

Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry...

I'm onto you el creepos.
Beware the geeks among you!
We're paranoid *and* we're smart.


Pacian said...

I signed up to Facebook a while back under a pseudonym to view some friends' photos. Afterwards I read through the Terms of Service in detail and was pretty damn appalled.

I don't know what it says of people my age that they're all giving their personal details to a company that says upfront that it'll do whatever it wants with the information and media you give it.