Ooooooh...that's scaaaaaaaaarrry stuff!

Tonight I"m off to a scary movie fest...I love old B movies and scary films... the cheesier the better.

For some reason thinking of scaaaary movies has me thinking of Monster Chiller Horror Theatre sketches with Count Floyd from SCTV so veeeery long ago. I loved SCTV. The humour was original and wierd and it was really a first of it's kind, from a time when sketch comedy was done well live and other shows like Saturday Night Live were making me laugh as well. There were some truly odd characters on the show, and my favourites were Ed Grimly, Mr. Science, Edith Prickly, the MacKenzie Brothers and, the best - Count Floyd.

Count Floyd...he was so pathetic, with his unscary films...he just wanted so badly to scare us...and kept failing. How could he *not* with such film classics as Dr. Tongue's House of Stewardesses, The 3D House of Beef, Dr. Tongues 3D House of Pancakes and Slinky: the Evil Toy! making me giggle until I hurt as a pouchling. And the smellovision option he tried to sell on a few was hilarious. Other classics like Blood-Sucking Monkeys from West Mifflin Pennsylvania still make me laugh when I think about them.

I'm off to be scaaaaared! Be good kiddies!
Ah! Ah! Ah!


Pacian said…
SCTV sounds unreasonably cool.
I bought 'Strange Brew' for my kids on DVD so I could raise a new generation of people to say, "Hey, you hoser!"

I picked up an Elvis wig and a vampire cape for 90 percent off last year after Halloween. My oldest is going as The World's First Vampire Elvis Impersonator.
She's so very clever.
Do you like my mad scientist avatar in honour of Halloween/Weird Science?<---Pick One

I had a biotech friend and I used to tease her about using DNA sequences to make her own little army of hot men.
Geosomin said…
Your oldest is the coolest kid I know...:)

I do like the avatar...If you made the hair a it browner you'd have me as of late. I've always ben fond of the idea to use my genetic knowledge to make a tastier pie.
I like pie.
Corey said…
"...would you like some.. PANCAKES!"
grapecat said…
Neal has taught all our British friends to say "HOSER!". They do it, too.

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