Dining out With Geo: Vol.3 - Fresh Bistro on Early Dr.

Although we were originally headed out to another place, it was closed for holidays and so my husband took me out for a birthday supper to his alternate choice - Fresh Bistro on Early Drive.

I'm so very glad he did. Fresh Bistro is a cozy little place tucked away in a less busy part of town, run by a husband and wife chef team. It was nice, but not too formal, and as it was a Tuesday night with a political debate on the tele, we had the place to ourselves - nice and romantic. My husband knows the chef a bit and he and the server chatted with us a bit as we ate, and we enjoyed a nice bottle of Australian chardonnay (on their recommendation) along with a fabulous meal.
Now, I have to say I'm a fussy customer. We don't eat out a lot, as I am (if I may be so bold) a fairly formidable cook, and so when we eat out, I like to go somewhere we can sit and savour our food - where the meal is an experience.
I was not disappointed. We had "mushroom toasties" while we waited for our main course - fresh mushrooms sauteed in butter, a dash of cream and fresh garlic andherbs, served on fresh toasted french bread, baked with a hint of parmesan and shallots. OH MY. I'm now on a quest to figure out how to make these...I would have been content having just them for supper, but the main course came and I was impressed even further: I had angel hair pasta tossed with marinated tomatoes, fresh basil pesto, lemon, parmesan and grilled prawns. J had homemade Italian sausage and asagio ravioli with tomato basil sauce and some foccacia bread. We ate slowly , savouring every bite. I really was impressed...everything was done to perfection...even the texture of the hommade pasta was...well...I wouldn't have changed a thing. Subtle blended flavours that were a true dining experience. And for dessert? We shared a delicious slice of lemon meringue cake...mmmmm. Lovely "cakey" cake, with layers of meringue, lemon curd and whip cream. Yum.
So if you want a fabulous meal, in a casual, but elegant restaurant, with excellent service and at a very reasonable cost- look no further than Fresh Bistro at on Early Drive. You won't regret it! I know we'll definitely be back again...there weremany other yummy looking things on the menu I'm dying to try...


Corey said…
Birthday yum yums. You got a pretty A-OK hubby there I'd say.
Diddums said…
Mm, yum, now you've made me hungry. I'm supposed to be going to bed, not going to the kitchen. Think I'll sneak downstairs for a Snickers.

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