She's gotta be strong to fight them so she's taking lots of vitamins

Give me a B

Give me an O

Give me an R

Give me an E

Give me a D

What does that make me?


Yup. Life is back to normal after holidays, trees and decorations are down, WAY too much $$ spent fixing problems, so I am once again hiding out in the indoor warmth, trying to think of things to do to stave off the winter crazies. I'm looking forward to a trip we booked on a spur of the moment to Vancouver next month. It should be great to visit friends. We have tickets to ses Gomez at the Commodore too, which will be fun. After booking it we realised that we probably shouldn't have. Money is very scarce now...the new car and other repairs in December ended up costing more than originally thought, what with tires and just having to get a car and all. In the end it'll all wash out and we'll just pay it off's just a lot to take in all at once. And trying to take your mind off of it when you can't go anywhere because of the cold makes it even more of a challenge.

BUT I am up to the challenge. I have made muffins for my brother (part of my gift to him was a dozen muffins of his choice a month) and think I can stave off the madness for a while at least...Here's to the crazies.


Anonymous said…
Dont know if your'e the slightest bit interested but I was just on a local football team's messageboard and one of the topics was guess song from the lyrics. One of my favourite lyrics ever is the Flaming Lips Yoshimi vitamin line which always stayed with me, even though we dont pronounce it as you do. Anyway, these were my lyrics and someone posted "The supposed golden path". I must admit I had never heard of it so I googled your site and wondered what the connection was. I then googled "She's gotta be stong to fight the so she;s taking all her vitamins" your site was top answer! Anyway, funny at the time and enjoyed your blog so just thought I would share that with you! Here is the thread but have a look around the site, nothing to do with me but you might be able to waste 5 minutes of your life on it :o)

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