We managed to hunt down a movie we've been looking forward to for a while now - Idiocracy. Being a fan of Mike Judge's humor and having liked his first film Office Space, J and I've been waiting for his next film Idiocracy to come out.
We waited and waited and waited...and after a abysmally small release in "select" theatres, it went straight to video with no adverts or anything. Even the DVD cover is bland and unassuming. It's like Fox wanted to banish it like they tried to banish Office Space...I'm hoping enough people will see this film anyways, like they did with Office Space - I think it deserves to be seen.
But I digress...the film is a very tongue in cheek commentary on the state and future of American Culture, where the lowest common denominator is pandered to and, as a result, encouraged. The premise is that an "average guy" get's frozen for a military experiment and when he's thawed out 500 years later, culture has degraded so much that he is the smartest man alive. It's a very funny movie...and it made me want to immediatley go and do something intelligent so as to prevent that future from ever happening. Such stupidity should not be allowed to thrive. Not every joke in the film is for everyone and it was a bit crude at times, but overall, the movie made me laugh and think...and it made me wonder if such a thing could really happen to our culture. Not an appealing thought. I plan on using my brain even more than before just to compensate...

Where am I going with this? Dunno. I had hoped to write an intelligent witty review that would make you all stop what you're doing and immediately go out and rent this film...but it's monday morning and I really want a nap. So I will simply recommend this movie to you as a good laugh and bimble off to get some coffee.

Hope you all have a good day.


Diddums said…
That sounds just my cup of tea - thanks for the recommendation! I will have to look out for it.

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