With fingernails that shine like justice

I feel like a zillion bucks this morning.
This morning instead of plodding away on the eliptical trainer in the basement I grabbed my shoes and the iPod and went out on the riverpaths and jogged..well OK mostly I walked really fast. But it was amazing. The sun had just come up and there was a breeze and everything is lush and green from the weeks of rain we've had and the river was shiny with all the pelicans having breakfast at the weir. There were a lot of smiling walkers and joggers out. I always say how lucky I am to live where I do, right by miles of trees and riverside paths and I can't believe I've never taken a morning exercise stint outside before.
This will definitely be happening again.

On a totally different topic, I was researching nutrition and portion sizing yesterday (something I have no real concept of, I just eat til I'm full...and sometimes that's a lot!) and I found these 2 links at the Portion Distortion site. They have 2 links to quizzes and images about how portion sizes have changed over the past 20 years...holy crap. No wonder that the recent CBC study found that about 1/4 of Canada is overweight. How could we not be? Fewer and fewer people can even afford to eat healthily and when they do, they eat too much...

All this talk about food has made me hungry. It's my break so I'm going to go and have a coffee and one of my marvelous homemade muffins...which are just the right portion size thank you very much!


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