lights and shiny things galore

I just got back from decorating a church for my sister in laws wedding. Lots of lights and blue touule and bows and beads...a bit much for my taste but she loves it, so hey, it's all good. My folks should be arriving any minute now for the wedding tomorrow (Dad's going to put in my window...I'm so excited!!) and tonight is a barbecue and rehearsal. Tomorrow is the wedding and sunday I hope is lots of sleep and doing nothing. My friend bougt Donny Darko and wantes to watch it, so hopefully we can watch it then...I haven't seen it yet. J's suit is ironed and my long blue bridesmaid dress is pressed and ready to go...I think this may all go off without a hitch!!

I don't have much interesting to say, I just wanted to pop in and say hi. Why? well, Today has been a good day so far, and this weekend should be busy and full, so I'm looking forward to it. I'm happy. It's cool and I want to spread it around...I didn't even have to run around like a madman cleaning the house for my parent's coming as I've been keeping up with the whole cleaning thing...THAT was cool. I can see why people keep up with it. It used to be if people didn't come to visit the place never got a thorough cleaning. J even managed to get us in to see Buck 65 last night...he is great live. It was a great show. Like I imagine a mellow twangy Beck might have been a few years ago, freestyling back in his Satan Gave Me a Taco days.

But I digress...
Happy weekend all. I'll post a few pictures of J and I in our finery sometime soon when I crawl back into life after Operation Get Jen Hitched. Buhbye.


Magnus said…
I actually like the theatrical release of Donnie Darko better than the Director's Cut, which was more of a Director's Tweak.
How'd you like the film? It is a favourite of mine. Recognise Donnie's analyst? (Hint, iconic image of a wedding dress on a bus)

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