Monday, June 12, 2006

And another thing...

Slow day...since I have nothing really exciting to say, and zero creative juices, but a many minutes to spare, here's a bit of useless info about my life right at this very moment:

Current attire: Jeans, orange v-neck shirt, silver specs, superstar runners
Current mood: Grumpy and out of breath. I forgot my purse at home so I had to bike home and back at lunch.
Current music: "Comfort Eagle" by Cake
Current annoyance: That when I really honestly give it a good try to be all out sloshed for the first time in years I get nothing more than a bit of a buzz. I suppose I should be grateful tho - I was up all perky taking J for breakfast at Smitty's the morning after my sister-in-law's stagette and I think I was the only woman not feeling like death warmed over the next day. I do bowl better after a few beer though.
Current thing: Getting up the nerve to call a painter to paint our living room. I have the money, just not the nerve to commit to getting it done. Not sure why, but it's getting silly.
Current Song in my head: Symphony in C by Cake
Current video in player: The Christmas episode of Dr. Who
Current DVD in player: sis Feet Under Season 2 Disc 2.
Current refreshment: mmmmmmm....cccoooffffffeeeeee.
Current worry: Can we afford what we have to do over the summer with all the family wedding and holiday stuff going on? I never live on credit and I hate spending all our savings. It wierds me out...I refuse to live beyond our means. I think we're nearly the only people we know who try and be this way.
Current thought: Just what does it take to make someone happy? Can it be people? Things? Is true you can't get your happiness from anywhere else but inside of you? And if you've lost it, how do you find it again?

Songs that make me happy:
-"Short Skirt and a Long Jacket" by Cake
-"Receptacle for the Respectable" by Super Furry Animals
-"Go" by Moby

Things that make me happy:
-Looking about at my tidy living room
-Glancing over at J and realizing yet again that he doesn't have any glasses on
-Discovering new delicious food. I made mango syrup with french toast yesterday. Woot.

Three things I'm thankful for:
-Sunshine peeking through the endless clouds and rain FINALLY!
-My makes cleaning so much better when I've got my own private concert to listen to while I'm doing it.
-My bike...I can really cruise on that thing if I have to! Made it home and back in 25 minutes!

And so, there you have it. My current state in a nutshell.
Heavy on the nuts.


Trent said...

While I may not be quite as set in not living beyond my means as you are (and by me, I mean my wife), I still get disapproving noises made at me when talking to the banker when I mention I don't have a credit card. Or credit at all.

Geosomin said...

Isn't it odd? a lot of people keep saying "just put it on your credit card! That's what it is for!". To us, it's a necessary evil for reserving/booking things.
We spent so many years crawling out from under the debt we aquired while in school that I'm really scared to even go down that road again...we have enough managable debts, we don't need to go there.
I like knowing that we actually own whatever we buy and only do what we can takes longer to get things but we enjoy them J's eyes-they're done and paid for. It took years to get there but what a joy to just walk in and pay for it...
J is way more obssessive about it than me, but I'm the sort who spends money when I have it and doesn't when I don't, so it's no big deal either way. I just don't ever want money to be something that controls me. Life's too short for that.

trent said...

What bugs me is that I paid off my student loan, early even, but that's so five years ago, so it doesn't count.

Every once in a while I compromise. When I got my last big paycheque for the last big book, I was going to buy a camera straight out. Instead, I put in on C's credit card, and paid half off it off outright, and put the other half towards other things.

Which of course put us on the road to a $4000 Visa statement last month, which isn't where I want to be.

In other credit news, though, if we can swing the extra few thousand a year, we should be able to pay off both our house and our new car in less than three years, which is pretty exciting. Of course, the house was only $40,000 ish, but still, it is the next watershed moment in our financial life.

trent said...

Not that I measure my life by watershed financial moments; I only know this because we had to re-finance our mortgage last week, and that's what the banker said. Right before tut-tutting my credit card-less ass.

Magnus said...

Credit... *sigh*