Boo urns

In the words of Emmanuel Zorg "I am very disappointed".

We went with friends for a night out for beer and wings and to see The Omen last night, what with it being 06-06-06 and all. Now I've never seen the original, and I don't expect much at all from cheesey/scary films...but MAN this film was just boring. They had an interesting link to current events in the first few minutes, but after that it just tanked. When people in the theatre are laughing at a scary movie and looking at their watches, you know it's not good. I was, well, bored. Not scared. Not even kind of scared - and I get scared at stupid movies (the Ring, for example, freaked me out for weeks). Other than a few interesting ways for people to die, it was just silly and to quote the Clerks animated series "I want my 8 bucks back". I enjoyed the pie I had at a coffee house after the movie more than the movie...and it wasn't very good pie.
The only good thing that came out of it is a plan for us all to get together for an all night fest of cheesy horror films and MST3K them all night. Hope that comes to be. I know The Omen won't be one of the films of choice for that night though.


Magnus said…
I would never have bothered. Remake-mania must end I say, or at least it should be remakes with a difference. (eg - The Limey and Get Carter)

Geosomin said…
HOnestly, it was more the getting out with people and doing something aspect I wanted. I figured "how bad could the movie be anyways?". Little did I know...
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