Monday, June 12, 2006

Mysteries and revelations

If I could have any mystery revealed to me...
It would be how to make those I love happy. Not a fake, cosmetic happy, but a contented, OK with themselves and OK with life sort of happy. To find what they really need and help them achieve it.
Life is too short and, for the most part, too good to spend it unhappy.

Smell the roses while you can...

As for one mystery I'd rather not know: when I and those I love will leave this world.

Just another Sunday Scribbling...


House of Parsons Mysteries said...


Happiness on this earth is like sunny weather--it comes and goes.

The only constant on this earth is change.

What those whom you love need, is to live "happily ever after", and that's attainable.

And by now you know where I'm going.

You delve in science? Isn't it interesting that if you are in a darkened room and open the door to a lighted hallway, the light comes in--the darkness does not go out.

Isn't it further interesting that Job stated that light has a way, and darkness has a place. Job spoke of the binding of Pleiades, a true star group, and he didn't even have a telescope.

Isaiah said a child would be born. He was. Jesus Christ is the crossroad.

If you want your loved ones happy they must know truth, the reason for this world, and the outcome.

Tell them Christ offers eternal life, urge them to take the offer.
"And the peace that passes understanding will keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus."

House of Parsons

Geosomin said...


I was philosophising more on how we all have empty parts of them that need to be identified and filled. I know faith and religion have their place, but I also believe that I personally need answers to many questons I haven't been able to answer yet. And so I keep asking, so that I get ideas and opinions from all around me, making me richer as a person and better able to help those around me in need.
I firmly believe that everyone is put here for a reason, whether it be big or small, and that we are able to help others and ourselves. Sometimes it is hard to discover exactly what help someone needsl or even if it is a help I can give...
Had a bit on my mind today.
Always appreciate another's thoughts. Thanks.