Tuesday, June 27, 2006

They say bad luck comes in threes...I wonder what #3 will be

So we had a warranty tune up on our exercise machine today. It made a tiny clicking sound for a day or two, so we had a guy come in a tune it up, cuzwe bought an extended warranty for it and haven't had anyone in since we got it last April. The thing is, after the tune up, now it makes a horrible clacking sound so loud you can hear it on another floor of the house. The guy said "OK it's done" and then left, so J didn't know about it until he'd already left the house and J went to use it and heard the now we get to see if we're stuck with this sort of thing forever (warranty doesn't cover cosmetic repair...) or if the guy screwed it up or what. Let's just say we don't need this right now. It was so loud I could hear it over the phone when he called.
I don't get it, how does oiling and tuning a machine make it louder??
Jay is going to try and tighten up things and see if it is fixed. If not someone has to come back and (I hope) fix it under warranty...cuz we sure can't afford to pay to fix it right now and I don't think we should have to. And I wonder, did the guy try it before he left? Are we stuck with this...cuz that would suck. And's just dumb.
Gah, if it's not one thing it's another. Why does bad luck come in piles? I could use some of the good soon...I"m beginning to feel like we're being picked on.