Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Note to self #2

-Don't eat lots of crap food all evening and stay up really late on a work night-

Last night was a big veg fest. I had a boring training conference to go to all day. Part of it was useful training and the rest was tedious product sales, but it was free and a day off work to learn new things with free lunch, so not that bad.
I got home in yet another day of pouring rain and after a nap we thought "ah screw it. If it's going to keep bloody raining for all eternity then we'll just amuse ourselves inside". One of J's old friends came over with some DVDs and we just ate junk food and watched stuff all night. He works at HMV and picked up some ATeam and Night Rider on DVD for cheap...what a howl. I haven't seen those in years. I forgot how good the ATeam was and how silly Mr.T. was. And David Hasselhoff's hair - wow. Big doesn't begin to cover it! Best of all, the Macs on 25th has slurpee/ice cream concoctions for sale so we took a break in the middle of the premiere of the 4400 to zip over and get one. Yum. Then it was sweettart candies, popcorn and tea until the wee hours watching more 4400. I feel like I have a small nest of gerbils in my stomach...almost like a hangover. It's wierd. I have to learn that junk food is called junk food because it really is junk (but soooooooo goooood). I still did get out of bed and excercised (despite feeling like I'm hungover) and here I am at work but man, I could just sleep. But back to work...
And so, I go easy on the crap food from now least until tonight.


Magnus said...

" I feel like I have a small nest of gerbils in my stomach..."

Great description.

Thoth Harris said...

The 4400. You mean you never saw it before?

Geosomin said...

Nope..I had heard of it and thought it might be interesting, but Lowell brought over the 4400 first season last night and although some of the acting is a little bstilted, I do enjoy it. The idea is really original, and I imagine the possible story lines are endless. The last episode we watched was about the man who had more speed and agility and descided he was a local superhero and tried to clean up his park and neighborhood. So far, I like it.
We have access to the 2nd season too, so I may just have to get hooked. I mean if it's gonna rain for the rest of my life I have to find something to do right?